Creating a PHP rss feed parser class

If you thought how to build rss feed parser you should think first think about what php xml parse you should use. If we examine the parser that we have built in then you will find expat, simple xml and xml dom manupulation. In order to parse a feed from a url you should first […]

Create a PHP file log

Writing a file log on disk with php it’s pretty straigt forward. Here is a simple php class that can help you log to a file. The class is logging on the directory where the script exists. You can also create a directory where the script inside and change the path in order to log […]

PHP database logging

In order to make database logging in php we should first create a table with 2 fields: the message that we log and the date that the log was made. After creating the database we should create a php class that will have to pass the instance of the MySQL database to the log class […]

The top 10 private trackers for torrents

If you are looking for the best private trackers, here’s a list that lets you find what will work best for you. Although torrent downloads seem to suffer from lag and missing files and slowdowns, we can not say the same of private trackers, whose loyal users still share files as usual. Anyone can download […]

This is how you can use Whatsapp while driving your car

One of the major violations committed by drivers is related to the use of mobile devices, specifically with popular apps such as Whatsapp. But as a lesser evil (we all know we’ll do it) there exists an application that can do two things at once, driving and letting us work with Whatsapp. The app that […]

Apple MacBook 12 (Early 2016) 1.1 GHz model specs

Apple MacBook 12 (Early 2016) 1.1 GHz Processor: Intel Core m3-6Y30 1.1 GHz Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 515 Memory: 8192 MB, DDR3L-1866 welded Screen: 12 inch 16:10, 2304×1440 pixels, 226 PPI, APPA027, IPS, glossy: yes Motherboard: Intel Skylake-Y Premium PCH Hard drive: Apple SSD AP0256, 256 GB, NVMe, 231 GB free space Weight: 927 […]