The best consoles

As we list our favorite consoles of 2016, its worth noting that we’re in for a big surprise when Nintendo releases its new NX console rumoured to be in the works there is also plenty of chatter regarding a possible PlayStation 4.5 console ?? But lets not get carried away just yet! These are our […]

Apple releases the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, full specs inside

Last week at a press event that was held in the Town Hall of the city of Cupertino, California, Apple introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This new tablet shares many of the features of 12.9 inch iPad Pro launched last year but in a more compact package. Among the most outstanding features of the new iPad […]

Holoportation, is what Microsoft calls its latest virtual reality project

Holoportation is the name given to a new Microsoft virtual reality project. Pretty much the name says it all, Holoportation emphasizes science fiction that many are already waiting for: teleportation. Although you can not actually create the transport of matter, the fact is that Microsoft has created a fictional teleportation based using Hololens glasses and […]

First 7″ HDR 4K Recording Monitors

Need a video monitor for you next film project ? And need to record at 4K ? Why not check out the latest from Atomos Shogun Flame that is if you’re OK with a 4K monitor @ 30p as it appears a 4K 60p recording monitor still not to be found… With the newest Atomos […]