Rumors: Nintendo NX could be more powerful than PlayStation 4

Although rumors of possible new information on what could be the actual specs of the Nintendo NX, its all getting pretty exciting. Although the next E3 2016 could be the moment chosen by Nintendo to start unveiling its plans for its new console, new data has emerged that is shining a light from the Japanese. And some of it is good some not so good.

Early data suggest that the Nintendo NX machine would be somewhat better than the current PlayStation 4.

Nintendo NX

Similar power of the PS4

This is the most concrete information we’ve received so far as it seems Nintendo has positioned the performance of its new console to the level of those already on the market. Just as it did with Wii U when we found its hardware was very similar to those already found in the PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, the source of the leak say Nintendo plans to place its NX console at the hands of the top game makers in other world we may once again see AAA titles coming to Nintendo. That is, the large franchises and top games found in the world of video games, it means the big publishers (Activision, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, etc.) will work with the company.

Nintendo NX will have its own operating system, and we should forget it will be based on Android, as has been rumored in recent times. Furthermore, it takes an optical support for physical games, particularly Blu-ray, just as found in the PS4 and Xbox One.

Technical characteristics

According to the leak, Nintendo NX will be very similar to this hardware:

  • Would use ARM technology and not x86
  • Would be a more powerful than the PS4 in other words “any PS4 game could run without problems in Nintendo NX”
  • Nintendo NX would be equipped with 8GB of RAM GGDR5
  • The development kit is being distributed with a 1TB hard drive, which speaks of a very similar configuration to that of the PS4 and Xbox one


Traditional console

Summarizing as much as possible, it seems that Nintendo wants to bet on a console that is 100 percent commercial, and we need to stress that Nintendo wants a business model close to that of the PS4 and Xbox One, in price and equally match its catalog of games when it hits the market in 2017.

However it is worrisome that the Japanese game maker would be repeating the same blunder of Wii U, which hit stores offering the same thing we already had in the market since 2006. This is a horrible mistake, lets hope that these are just some wild rumors and Nintendo is playing coy and release a console that will blow away the competition.

The best consoles

As we list our favorite consoles of 2016, its worth noting that we’re in for a big surprise when Nintendo releases its new NX console rumoured to be in the works there is also plenty of chatter regarding a possible PlayStation 4.5 console ?? But lets not get carried away just yet!

These are our favorite consoles right now….

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is the next generation of gaming and entertainment consoles from Sony. The PS4 is based on the PC architecture win an improved CPU eight-core CPU, AMD x86-64 dubbed “Jaguar” and features an AMD Radeon GPU  with 18 computing points with a yield of 1.84 Teraflops and a unified memory system with 8GB memory GDDR5 all in one chip.


It is the fourth PlayStation game console from Sony Computer Entertainment. Part of the eighth-generation of game consoles. It was officially announced on 20 February 2013 at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event, although the design of the console was not announced until June 10 at E3 2013. Its also the successor to the popular PlayStation 3 and currently competes with the Xbox One of Microsoft and the Nintendo Wii U.

Launched on November 15, 2013 in the United States and Europe while in Japan was on February 22 2014. It distanced itself from the Cell processor architecture used in the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 instead opted to feature an AMD 8-core processor under the x86-64 architecture.

These x86-64 instructions are designed to make game development “simpler” and take advantage of the next generation console, attracting a larger number of developers. These changes highlight Sony’s effort to improve the lessons learned during the development, production and launch of the PS3. Other hardware features of the PS4 is that it includes 8 GB GDDR5 unified memory, a Blu-ray drive with fast read/write, and custom chips dedicated to audio processing tasks, video and background.

Vital Statistics:

  • I has sold over 35.9 million units world wide.
  • Starting cost is around $349.
  • Modest AMD Octa-Core x86-64 “Jaguar”-based @ 1.6 GHz CPU.
  • AMD Radeon “Liverpool” Video card 1152 shaders @ 800 MHz.
  • 8 GB GDDR5 RAM.

Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox_One_Console_SetXbox One is a next generation console from Microsoft. This console uses an AMD chip with an 8 core processor and GPU that supports D3D 11.1 with 32 MB of embedded memory. The system also features 8GB of DDR3 memory, a 500GB disk and a Blu-ray drive. Along with all new Xbox One Kinect motion sensor with a 1080p camera that is included.

Xbox One is the third video game console produced by Microsoft. It is part of the eighth-generation game consoles, it was presented by Microsoft on May 21 2013. Its the successor to the Xbox 360 and competes with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. Its launch date was November 22, 2013 at a price of $499.

Xbox One offers a new version of Kinect (motion sensor accessory) greatly improved that is called Kinect 2.0. Xbox One has an integrated AMD based technology with a video card that is equivalent to an HD 7790, 10 times more powerful than its predecessor the Xbox 360. Its  GPU has 768 shaders and 1.31 TFLOPS / s power. It can move several million polygons at once without drops in FPS, thanks to its 8-core x86 processor with similar architecture of a PC. The console consists of an 8-core AMD processor with Custom 64-bit microarchitecture based on Jaguar and an estimated speed 1.75Ghz, 8GB of DDR3 RAM 32MB ESRAM, with hard drive speeds up to 204GB / s 500 GB  and a 6x Blu-ray  reader.

Vital Statistics:

  • I has sold over 20 million units world wide.
  • Starting cost is around $349.
  • Modest AMD Octa-Core x86-64 “Jaguar”-based @ 1.75 GHz CPU.
  • AMD Radeon “Durango” Video card.
  • 8 GB GDDR3 RAM.

Nintendo Wii U

Wii_U_Console_and_GamepadThis console is the successor to the Nintendo Wii, and expands the capabilities of its predecessor. The Nintendo Wii U is the first Nintendo console with HD support. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Wii U is its GamePad controller, which has a 6.2 inch touch screen with traditional joysticks and buttons. The GamePad also includes motion controls, a camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, vibration function a sensor bar, a pencil and supports near field communication (NFC).

Wii U is a game console that belongs to the eighth generation of consoles and being the first of its kind created by Nintendo and direct successor of “ultra” popular Wii. The console was released on November 18, 2012 on US soil. Nintendo first announced Wii U at a conference during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 on June 7 2011. Competes with the Sony PlayStation 4 console and the Microsoft Xbox One. Wii U is the sixth home console from Nintendo and the first to produce HD graphics up to 1080p resolution. It includes a new controller that incorporates a touch screen and is also capable of playing high-definition graphics that allows gamers to play with the console even when the TV is off, this new controller is called: GamePad.

The system is backwards compatible with Wii games, which will support Wii peripherals like the Wiimote or Wii Balance Board and includes NFC6 technology, which modifies the way of playing video games. However, it will not be backwards compatible with Nintendo GameCube peripherals but video games can be downloaded from the virtual console.

Vital Statistics:

  • I has sold over 12 million units world wide.
  • Starting cost is around $299.
  • IBM powered CPU dubbed “Espresso”, Tri-core @1.24 GHz
  • AMD Radeon “Latte” Video card, 320 shaders @ 550 MHz.
  • 2 GB GDDR3 RAM.

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation-Vita-2001-FLPS Vita is a handheld game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment, is the successor to PlayStation Portable and is part of the PlayStation family of consoles. It was first released on January 27, 2011 and was put on sale on December 17 of the same year in Japan. The arrival in Europe and all Americas was on February 22 2012. It is designed to compete directly with the Nintendo 3DS. PlayStation Vita is available in two versions: one with WiFi and the other supports 3G,the cheaper version comes only with WiFi support but not 3G. The 3G version includes preloaded applications on the console, which make use 3G and has augmented reality features.

The two cameras have the capabilities of face detection, face detection and face tracking. It also allows you to customize the system such as backgrounds. The system also comes with a rear touchpad, a front camera, a rear camera, stereo speakers, microphone, SixAxis motion (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), electronic compass of three axes, GPS, Wi-Fi, sensor system, 3G and Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR.

As of 2015, Sony has released the PS Vita ‘Slim’ (PCH-2000) The new PS Vita ‘Slim’ does not bring “major” changes from the original model, and even many users speak of it as a step backward because the screen now used IPS technology (weaker colors) instead of AMOLED, technology found in the first generation PS Vita. The released date for the PS Vita Slim was in October 10, 2013 in Japan and February 7, 2014 for North America.

Vital Statistics:

  • I has sold over 12 million units world wide.
  • Starting cost is around $199.
  • Quad-core CPU with ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore.
  • PowerVR SGX543MP4+ Video card.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • Does not support 3D.

Nintendo 3DS

New_Nintendo_3DS3DS is a handheld game console from the popular Japanese game maker, Nintendo, that plays video games and multimedia content, whose main attraction is able to display 3D graphics without special glasses, thanks to the Autostereoscopic 3D screen. The console is backward compatible with the Nintendo DS and DSiWare software.

It was first announced in 2010, Nintendo officially presented at E3 2010, the company made headlines for showcasing the 3DS for attendees of the popular event, and some lucky few even got to play it. The console is the successor to the Nintendo DS portable series and competes primarily with the PlayStation portable and the PlayStation Vita, both of Sony. Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan on February 26, 2011; in Europe on March 25, 2011; in North America on March 27, 2011; and in Australia on March 31, 2011. On July 28, 2011, Nintendo announced a drastic price drop that would be effective from August 12 2011. As compensation, to the buyers that acquired the 3DS before the price reduction owners received ten free games from Nintendo on September 1 2011 and 10 more Gameboy Advance games from December 16, all downloadable from the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo on February 13, 2015 has released a New Nintendo 3DS that included some much needed changes, first is the C Stick located on the right and especially useful in games that require you to rotate the camera. Thanks to this, control becomes similar to other mainstream consoles allowing us to move the character left and right to rotate. There are also two new triggers: Z-Z-L and R, which are near the existing ones.

The other big news is the improved 3D system. In the past in order to play with three-dimensions a 3DS player had to place the console at a particular angle. A restriction of 3D without glasses that Nintendo has solved thanks to a camera located at the top of the console. While we play, it checks to see where the player’s eyes are, and adjusts in real time to work even if we turn the console or we move. It is an effective solution in the vast majority of cases, in response to one of the most repeated complaints about the original 3DS.

They have also made minor adjustments, such as changing the Start, Select and volume control buttons. Furthermore, they have changed the location of the game slot, the power button and the hole for the stylus, now at the bottom of the console. The New 3DS also supports amiibo, Nintendo figurines that unlock upgrades in games, as in the case of Super Smash Bros.

There are other changes that are not apparent to the naked eye. Loading games is faster, thanks to an improved processor. But there are some drawbacks as there are games that are unique to New 3DS because they need both the C stick as the extra graphics power. One such case is that of Xenoblade Chronicles, which will work exclusively for New Nintendo 3DS.

Those who want to customize their console also have the option to do so, with interchangeable covers, which are only available in the New 3DS, not the XL version. The battery life remains the same as in the previous version, but when you buy the console you need to buy a charger  separately, since its not included.

The most important is that the new Nintendo solves one of the biggest problems that had dragged the original 3DS, as 3D gaming was kind off uncomfortable and now gaming is much better.

Vital Statistics:

  • I has sold over 60 million units world wide.
  • Starting cost is around $219.
  • First generation 3DS uses a Dual-core ARM11 MPCore
  • New Nintendo 3DS uses a Quad-core ARM11 MPCore
  • PICA200 Video card.
  • First generation 3DS 128 MB RAM.
  • New Nintendo 3DS 256 MB RAM.
  • Supports 3D.

Do you have problems with Safari links in iOS 9.3? Try these solutions

On Monday 21, shortly after announcing the new iPhone and iPad Pro 9.7 inch, Apple released iOS 9.3. As with every release, not everyone is equally satisfied, but in this case we’re talking about a major problem. iOS 9.3 came with a new glitch in its update that seems quite widespread that prevents users from opening some links from some applications. Apple has not yet announced the “problem”, but many are reporting this problem exists.

iOS 9.3 iPhone iPad

Clearly it is an annoying bug.

Here are some suggestions that you could try to solve this iOS 9.3 glitch

Turn off Safari suggestions 

This solution worked recently when it was impossible to surf with Safari, which Apple solved without launching a new version of iOS. We can deactivate it doing the following:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Let’s find Safari.
  • Within Safari options , deactivate Safari suggestions.

Clear history and data from websites

  • Open Settings.
  • As in the previous solution, we enter into the Safari options.
  • We select Clear history and data from websites.
  • And finally, we accept by selecting Clear History data.

disable JavaScript

This is an option was just mentioned to me. And will disable JavaScript by doing the following:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Safari.
  • Slipped down and select Advanced.
  • And finally, we turn off the switch, lever or toggle JavaScript.

Has this worked for you ? Do not hesitate to leave your experiences in the comments.


Apple releases the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, full specs inside

Last week at a press event that was held in the Town Hall of the city of Cupertino, California, Apple introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This new tablet shares many of the features of 12.9 inch iPad Pro launched last year but in a more compact package.

Among the most outstanding features of the new iPad Pro 9.7 inch is the powerful A9X 64-bit processor, iSight 12 megapixel camera with flash True Tone able to capture Live Photos and video 4K, a FaceTime HD camera of 5 megapixels on the front and support for Apple Pencil.

With the iPad Pro Apple introduced a new pro Retina screen that promises greater brightness, greater range of color, less reflectivity a Night Shift mode that automatically adjusts the screen color to shades warmer after darkens so that you have better sleep is introduced. But the greatest innovation of the iPad screen 9.7 inch Pro is the True Tone technology that uses new four-channel sensors to adjust the white balance screen to dynamically to match the ambient light conditions. This offers a more natural viewing experience that resembles the white paper.

Despite all these new features of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro it has a thickness of only 6.1mm, the same that has the iPad Air. Although their cameras protrudes slightly from the device body as in the iPhone 6 / 6s.

As with the larger iPad Pro, the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro has four stereo speakers that produce a richer more powerful, clear sound. Using sensors this iPad adjusts the sound for optimized audio regardless of the orientation in which it is used.

It also has some advances in connectivity. This iPad has support for wireless networking Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO technology and support cellular models with LTE Advanced networks support. Also the Apple SIM is embedded directly in the iPad Pro, making it easier to connect to a data plan when you travel with support from up to more than 100 countries.


The 9.7-inch iPad Pro comes in silver, space gray, gold and rose gold. Its price starts at $599 for the model with Wi-Fi 32GB and $729 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB model. In addition it will be offered in capacities of 128GB and 256GB.

Along with this iPad Apple also released a keyboard called Smart Keyboard that can be folded into a protective Smart Cover. The keyboard works with both iPad Pro and the new iPad Pro 9.7 and does not need to be recharged and also does not use Bluetooth. Smart Keyboard is priced at $149.

Other accessories for iPad Pro that you probably will need is the Apple Pencil ($99) a new Lightning SD card reader ($29).

ipadpro10 applepencil smartkeyboard splitview pr print

Chris Pratt shows off ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ film set

To encourage fans to donate money to Omaze for a new Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club youth center, Pratt gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the “Guardians” set, including wardrobe, props and the spaceship itself.

Not everyone can save the universe as Star Lord, but you can get the chance to be his buddy for the day with a new charity campaign from Omaze — the same fund-raising organization that made it possible for fans to spend the day on the set of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” last year and promised one lucky fan the opportunity to have a walk-on role in 2016’s “Star Trek Beyond.”

This time around, Marvel and Pratt have teamed up with Omaze to give fans the chance to be his sidekick for a day on the movie set of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

The winner of the grand prize will get a tour of the film’s set, including the spaceship Milano, and lunch with Pratt himself.



LG teases us with a video which shows the best features of UX 5.0

UX 5.0 is LG’s own custom layer for the upcoming G5 which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and that comes with the goal of managing “connected” gadgets and accessories we saw in its presentation at the MWC 2016.

In the video released by LG you can see the different main features of this new layer that includes some special features such as the LG Friends Manager app that enables connecting to the LG Friends modules and accessories. Some improvements are also included in the camera, a new Home screen, the “Always on” mode and more.

As Androidcentral reports, with UX 5.0, LG has ditched the traditional app drawer, but the manufacturer will let you install one from the settings menu. Just navigate to Home and App Drawer, and you’ll be able to install a conventional app drawer.

Other enhancements include a new version of LG Health, which lets you effectively track and manage your activity goals, an app called Smart Doctor that checks if your phone is working at optimal levels, and the ability to wirelessly transfer all the content from your old phone to the LG G5 using LG Backup.


lg g5 54 0

lg g5 56


Holoportation, is what Microsoft calls its latest virtual reality project

Holoportation is the name given to a new Microsoft virtual reality project. Pretty much the name says it all, Holoportation emphasizes science fiction that many are already waiting for: teleportation.

Although you can not actually create the transport of matter, the fact is that Microsoft has created a fictional teleportation based using Hololens glasses and via the use of multiple cameras to capture images, which results in sort off Holoportation technique. The result is not very spectacular as it results in a virtual double that we can only see if we have the virtual reality glasses, something like Star Trek but not really….


According to the actual Microsoft project website, Interactive 3D technologies (I3D) combines research on 3D graphics, computer vision, machine learning, novel hardware, augmented reality and NUI. Our remit is to demonstrate radically new user experiences built using state-of-the-art vision and graphics algorithms, and novel sensing or display hardware. Our projects mix theory and practice, meaning we research new algorithms and techniques, but also build complex systems, and demonstrate our results practically.

The virtual reality Hololens has a cost of $ 3,000, yup that’s the cost of a 3D capture camera or rather several cameras of this type and the fact that you will also need an extra pair of HoloLens glasse, Holoportation still in the works and only time will tell if it will be truly useful and worth it.


First 7″ HDR 4K Recording Monitors

Need a video monitor for you next film project ? And need to record at 4K ? Why not check out the latest from Atomos Shogun Flame that is if you’re OK with a 4K monitor @ 30p as it appears a 4K 60p recording monitor still not to be found…

With the newest Atomos Shogun Flame (SDI/HDMI) and Ninja Flame (HDMI-only), the company has improved upon both build quality and image quality, and is giving us one of the more advanced monitors we’ve seen yet. So what is HDR? High Dynamic Range, or HDR, allows for far more details in highlights and shadows, those that would generally be clipped when looking at a traditional Rec709 image. HDR theoretically gives you the best of both worlds between viewing an image in a traditional flat-looking Log, or viewing in a much crunchier Rec709 color space. Rather than constantly switching between Log and Rec709, the AtomHDR image will let you look at an image that has richer colors, but more dynamic range — up to 10 stops of luminance detail. At the moment, we have support for most Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and ARRI cameras capable of shooting a true log image.

Not only are these some of the most technologically advanced monitors on the market, but they are also some of the least expensive 4K recording monitors at $1,700 for the Shogun Flame and $1,300 for the Ninja Flame. Both of these will come with everything you see here:


atomos ninja flame shogun flame hero

4K Acer Predator XB271HK under $900 supports G-SYNC

The Predator XB271HK is a great monitor that offer an IPS panel that comes in at 27 inches, although its 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which operates under a refresh rate of 60 Hz, meaning it can offer 100 percent sRGB. Both include the Nvidia G-Sync technology, including GameView technology that gives access to three preset picture settings, has Eye Protect Technology technology to reduce eyestrain, both feature a swivel, tilt and height-adjustable base, they are compatible with VESA support, DisplayPort connectivity and feature HDMI, four USB 3.0 ports, a pair of power 2W speakers, and will be available at the end of November to a respective price around $900.


front1 sm

front sm

back sm


New iPhone SE, 4-inch, A9 chip, 12 Megapixel camera and Live Photos

As indicated by all the rumors, all that was said about the recent Apple keynote came to be true, starting with the iPhone SE, which adds to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 6s to complete the family of Apple phones. In this case, the main novelty lies in its size, as we saw with the iPhone from a 4″ after having made the jump to the 4.7″ and 5.5″ two years ago with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus. Yes, its screen is only small, because its interior has been almost equated with the iPhone 6s, excluding only some features like 3D Touch.

Among the new features found it includes a A9 Chip, iSight camera with 12 Megapixel and recording videos in 4K, Live Photos, camera FaceTime HD Retina Flash, fingerprint Touch ID, connection 4G LTE sensor, available in 4 colors: silver, space gray, gold and rose gold and in two capacities: 16GB and 64GB.


It will be available for order from 29 of this month of March and may be purchased from March 31. Its price is $399 for the 16GB version with the lowest capacity and $499 for the 64GB version. You can see the complete information from the Apple website.