Apple comes up with new wireless headphones for its IPhone7

The future EarPods to be launched in parallel with the iPhone 7 and will cost between 200 and 300 dollars.

There is a reason that the next iPhone 7 will not feature the latest models of Apple headphones: according to 9to5Mac, the company is developing wireless headphones called EarPods powered via a Bluetooth system. Apple fans are in luck: the headphones will be sold alongside the iPhone 7 this fall, becoming the first device from the “marriage” between Apple – Beats. The novel EarsPods are completely wireless, and it does not count on a connector cable between the headphones (unlike the product Powerbeats Wireless).

According to sources, the EarPods will be very similar to the Motorola Bragi, but other sources suggest that they will be more like those we saw Joaquin Phoenix wearing in the futuristic movie ‘Her’.


When and How

Among its features, the new headphones will have a noise cancellation system that will allow access to cleaner mobile calls or the way we use Siri. It may also include a button to allow incoming calls or a way to activate Siri, as published by 9to5Mac. Although the EarPads will be launched in parallel with the Iphone 7 they will not come in a single pack, but will be offered as a Premium alternative for $200 or $300, very close to the price of Bragi headphones.


Given its characteristics, the new Apple headphones will be recharged by a mini-USB port, but can also be recharged by its own housing (which also must have been previously charged). By the known characteristics of its batteries, the device is expected to last four hours, but so far only assumptions can be made.

Rainbow Six Siege Recap and Review

A new Rainbow is here. After a long wait, Ubisoft launches its highly expected ‘Rainbow Six Siege’, a new installment of the popular series from Tom Clancy that has come up with new turns. After the demise of ‘Rainbow Six Patriots’, the French company decided to give gamers a twist from the classic franchise concepts and adapting to the new generation of consoles. Now ‘Rainbow Six’ has multiplayer, with a strong cooperative component but the end result is some what mixed. But rest assure this is one of the most addictive games of the 2015.


Team cooperation is key

The release of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ aroused the interest of the most competitive players. With a trailer showing the gameplay possibilities, Ubisoft excited with his new challenge in the genre of first-person action with online content. Initial reactions materialized with high expectations. We anticipate that, ultimately, ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ is pretty close to what we where promised. The game mechanics work. Divided into a number of levels and challenges, multiplayer mode is easy to master with a clear objective: to overcome your opponent. We will, therefore, to cooperate with other team members-other players- to rescue the hostage turn off one of the two bombs planted by terrorists or maintain positions for a certain time. The title divides players into groups of five, to give more variety, more than 20 operators are divided into attackers and defenders. These operators will grow in number as well as by stage, via free downloadable content, but for the moment, the game requires no more to run. Thus, on the side of attackers we have several characters that can burst through walls, or by deploying drones, launching cluster bombs, and so on. On the other side we find fortifications, shields and devices to locate enemies, among other parts of the map. Thus, Ubisoft has managed to strike a balance between teams, making each game different from the previous one in terms of characters and support with the other team members. In the first game we can be attackers, while the next will be on defense. But always the winner is decided from the best of five.

Training mode is hard

The producers of the game have introduced a series of training missions that give experience points and player recognition, essential to unlock new operators as well as let you know how the game mechanics work. At this point, we are able to play in solo mode to strengthen our methodology, and here comes one of the weaknesses of Rainbow Six Siege: the rate of frames per second. Unlike the multiplayer mode, where the title runs at 60 frames per second without problems, others operate at 30 frames, which is a problem during training. While it is true training serves precisely to take our first steps, the feeling of moving through these training missions is rather void. A third game mode, called the terrorist hunt, where with a group of five we have to deal with terrorists controlled by the artificial intelligence of the game in an environment of medium size. Again, cooperation is key to avoiding surprises and premature deaths. However, unlike other proposals, dying in ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ it is permanent and will last until the end of the round. Best of all is that, once fallen, we can help our partners by viewing the different security cameras and drones to give clues to our still alive allies. In this case we will gain points, and it helps prevent boredom. If not interested in helping the team, we can always see the different players to learn new ways to address the situation.

Graphics are a downer

One of the major handicaps that have haunted previous Ubisoft games is the graphical difference between the trailers and promos and the final products. The most notorious example was ‘Watch Dogs’, and this time the technical section of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ was revised from its original format reducing the graphic quality. Although it not as bad as before, we are playing with a clear downgrade not sparing the players. It does not help that PC gamers, usually who have an advantage when it comes to resolution, are given versions that look pretty close to those found on a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On a good note the environments are destructible enough to consider new strategies quickly, always in line with the other players. Walls, floors and ceilings can be exploited to open gaps and surprise the enemy. The music, largely absent in the game, gives way to a clear and concise sound effects that help the player stand at all times. Steps, explosions, collapses and technical sounds (such as terrestrial drones) are some of the elements that we have to pay attention to get an overview of the action. Highly recommended to play with good headphones with surround effect, thereby maximizing our resources to bring down opponents.

Quantum simulators are just around the corner

“It can happen in ten or fifty years,” says Ignacio Cirac, physical and winner of the Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research in 2006. Google, NASA and Lockheed Martin have invested in a theory that, if completed, will change the technology forever. But how? Thanks to future super computers that will be able to do calculations hundreds of thousands of times faster than a current supercomputer which, for example, will improve exponentially the times needed by a researcher to compute calculations.

Cirac does not close the door to recent advances in this field: “It will be possible for a quantum simulator to be able to do vetoed simulations for supercomputers. “These simulators are computers designed to solve specific problems, easier to build and whose computations seems closer than we may think.D-Wave 2X

On 10 December, a Google quantum computer, D-Wave 2X, solved a problem 100 million times faster than a conventional one. But Cirac warns, we are only at early steps: “We have small prototypes of quantum computers that will become bigger. This shows that the principle works but they are not powerful enough to solve complex problems because they are very small”.

EVGA wants you to try out VR technology with its latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti

More and more tech companies are pushing us towards VR aka Virtual Reality. And EVGA is no different, the company has decided to release a new VR Ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti video card.

What does a VR ready video card mean?

For now at least it means that the video card comes with some high speed USB ports ready to handle the latest VR headsets like the up and coming Oculus Rift.

49489 1 evga announces new vr ready nvidia geforce gtx 980 ti video card

Basically EVGA wants to take the confusion out of VR gaming by giving the user out of the box connectivity to VR headsets by including a VR-ready HDMI output along with a front-facing HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0/3.1 ports. The design works well for a front panel configuration making it ideal to run the cables needed.

As for actual specs of the EVGA’s VR Edition GeForce GTX 980 Ti, we’ve yet to seen anything but expect a more robust architecture and improved cooling systems, perhaps something along the lines of ACX 2.0+


49489 2 evga announces new vr ready nvidia geforce gtx 980 ti video card



You can reserve Oculus Rift … for $599

Oculus VR has finally moved ahead to release its much anticipated virtual reality system,Oculus Rift in a bundle that includes all necessary components to run games and two glasses the games included will be eve EVE Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale.


At last we can reserve it! Oculus VR has made available to the public the opportunity to reserve its first virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, a peripheral that the gamer community has waiting to see what happens when it finally comes out. But the first problem we can see will be the starting price that is, at least, prohibitively expensive for most of us, $599 is what we will have to to shell out to be one of the first to but an Oculus Rift unit. That amount of money is quite higher from the initial estimates of around $350.

So why the extra cost ?

Well you will not only receive the glasses,  and when we open the box, inside we find the following:

  • Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses.
  • Position sensor.
  • Wiring needed to connect it.
  • Oculus remote control.
  • Xbox one controller.
  • Voucher for downloading the EVE valkyrie and Lucky ‘s tale.


Initially it looks as though the Oculus Touch controller is unavailable just yet because problems have arisen during its development and it has been delayed. Also for the moment you can’t just purchase the glasses without the associated controls.

The minimum requirements to run virtual reality in your PC means you will need:

  • Intel Core i5 4590
  •  8 gb of ram
  • NVIDIA GTX 970 or Radeon video r9 290
  • Hdmi 1.3
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port
  • Windows 7 x64 or better.

Nvidia wants to bring Skynet to the auto world

If you’re familiar with the Terminator movies then you’ll also be quite familiar with the plot of the movie, and it doesn’t end well for humans at the end when the machines control the planet.  Drive PX 2

Now back to reality for a second, at CES 2016 we’re learning that Nvidia wants to bring supercomputers to cars. The company just introduced a specially created chip to equip cars with artificial intelligence. Nvidia calls it NVIDIA Drive PX 2.

Drive PX 2-specs

If a modern car already comes with an internal SoC to manage the large amount of integrated electronic systems (eg light sensor, rain, parking, tire pressure, etc. ), imagine the large number of sensors that have to have to turn into an autonomous vehicle and the system to manage them all. Nvidia has introduced Drive PX 2, a supercomputer designed specifically for these purposes and has power equivalent to six Geforce titan x’s. According to Siliconangle, the liquid cooled Nvidia Drive PX 2 consists of 12 CPU cores and four GPUs, packing 8 teraflops of processing power. With more than 10 times the computational power of the first-gen Drive PX, the Drive PX 2 is as powerful as six Titan X graphics cards, or the equivalent to that of 150 MacBook Pros.

DriveNet, NVIDIA brings Skynet for cars

Moreover, and in relation to decision making, NVIDIA has created DriveNet, a neural network that takes all the information platform and processes, for example, to differentiate a pedestrian crossing the road, a motorist who passes us on the right shoulder and generally detect all events around us, assess all possibilities and make the right decision in a matter of split seconds. In addition, several DriveNet vehicles will be able to share information so that the reactions are much faster and more efficient. Skynet maybe the brain child of Nvidia, currently only for cars thank god.

Drive PX 2-skynet

Will this be real?

It appears as though Volvo is already in the process of signing an agreement with NVIDIA to be the first to adopt both the new drive px 2 and DriveNet in a prototype vehicle that surely will make headlines when it comes out.

Lenovo introduces the ThinkPad X1 yoga with an OLED screen

Lenovo has unveiled at CES2106 its a ultra portable hybrid, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 yoga this ultrabook would be the first one to employ a matrix OLED type screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels for the best viewing experience for users, will also come standard with a stylus.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 yoga is a leap from the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon another ultra thin powerhouse in the notebook market, but it leaves behind the traditional clamshell laptop where we can detach the screen completely from the keyboard, to operate both independently.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 yoga comes in two versions, both with 14-inch diagonal and a resolution 2k, but differing in the type of matrix used, one being a more normal pattern via IPS and the other, the first laptop with a matrix OLED. As for processor, both versions will ship with an Intel core i7 6th generation processor, using as the Intel graphics card HD520. In terms of RAM, Lenovo will allow come with up to 16 GB of RAM and internal storage, you can opt for an SSD (nvme type) with a whopping 1TB.

As for wireless connectivity, Lenovo has equipped the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 yoga with a Qualcomm Snapdragon x7 LTE modem for users to access the Internet wherever they are regardless of the location, supporting connections up to 300 mbps 4g transfer of data. It has also been equipped with the usual 802.11 b / g / n / ac wireless network card connectivity to have better access to the internet.

The weight of the Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga has also been improved. The version that uses the IPS panel weighs only 1.5 kg, while the version that uses the OLED panel weighs even less, 1.35 kg. As low weight allow its users to have very high mobility without having to bear the usual typically weighing 3-5 kg ??traditional laptops.

IPS panel version will cost when it goes on sale this month  $1,499, while the version with OLED panel will not reach the market until next April and will cost $1,649.

Microsoft will not release an Xbox One ‘slim’ just yet, waiting for Polaris

Rumors have been swirling for a while now that Microsoft was preparing to introduce an Xbox One slim, however Microsoft pushed back. Now we are hearing that Microsoft is looking forward to a slim version of its popular console but just not yet, well mainly because they’re waiting for AMD to get its act together and release its new Polaris graphics architecture.

It would make sense for Microsoft to use the 14 nm chip because of its potential for low power consumption that will make the Xbox One Slim run with less heat and rely on a much smaller cooling system.

Also wccftech is reporting that AMD’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lisa Su released this comment during the latest Earnings Call for Q3 2015:

Demand from Sony and Microsoft indicates that the record setting sales pace of this generation of game consoles will remain strong. We also remain on track to begin revenue shipments of our additional semi-custom design wins starting in the second half of 2016.

It seems like shipments of this Polaris based Xbox One revision could begin as early as Q3 2016, then. Polaris, much like NVIDIA’s Pascal, is expected to deliver 2.5X performance/watt ratio when compared to the previous GPU architecture.

This of course leads to another possibility, and that is when AMD launches Polaris this architecture also showcase their new APUs powered by Zen cores. This means that we would be talking about and Xbox One that would use DDR4 RAM, thereby improving performance and reducing consumption (all are advantages, of course), this would lead to a significant reduction in consumption and heat generated ( allowing finally create the slim models ) increasing performance. In fact it would be an ideal opportunity to finally see “next -gen” consoles running games at 60 fps in full HD.