A look at the history of Malware

Here is a very brief timeline of when and how crucial breakthroughs were made in the malicious world of malware. The multitude of deadly viruses, worms and Trojans we see around us today are a product of many years of research and progressive developments. 1949 Researchers in this field develop the first theories and codes […]

New Kratos TKL keyboard, compact and has plenty of features

  Nox has launched a new mechanical keyboard called Krom Kratos TKL, completely oriented to the gamer world, the design is compact and offers backlit keyboard capabilities for users with little desk area and it will be available with three types of setups, so that your users can choose the one that best suits your method of use […]

Here is a list of every single Star Wars game that made it to the PC

RELEASED 1988 | DEVELOPER Atari / Vektor Grafix Star Wars: Return of the Jedi RELEASED 1988 | DEVELOPER Atari Star Wars: Rebel Assault RELEASED 1993 | DEVELOPER LucasArts Star Wars: X-Wing RELEASED 1993 | DEVELOPER Totally Games Star Wars: TIE Fighter RELEASED 1994 | DEVELOPER Totally Games Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire RELEASED 1995 | DEVELOPER LucasArts Star Wars: Dark […]

AMD says Radeon R9 380X will be available Nov 19

According to VideoCardz, the AMD Radeon R9 380X will be released on November 19th.  The R9 380X will keep the R9 380 reference cooler. Instead AMD add-in-board partners will offer customized models. AMD Radeon R9 380X will use the Tonga/Antigua XT processor that comes with a decent, 32 Compute Units, 128 Texture Units don’t forget about […]