This is how you can use Whatsapp while driving your car

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One of the major violations committed by drivers is related to the use of mobile devices, specifically with popular apps such as Whatsapp.

But as a lesser evil (we all know we’ll do it) there exists an application that can do two things at once, driving and letting us work with Whatsapp. The app that will allow us to do this is called Auto4Android and is free in the Android store, Play Store.

What’s neat in this ‘app’ is that you can read messages while you are driving. Messages from other messaging applications, such as Line, Viber, Hangouts, Facebook or Messenger, among others (as you can see in the picture).

This app has the ability to read messages with the screen off, and you can answer them with our voice if you click on an icon with a microphone. And thanks to Auto4Android you can play music or audio books downloaded and saved earlier in other application. You can also find out what the traffic is like through other apps like Waze.

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