This is how you can listen to music from YouTube in the background on your Android

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YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world. Every day, millions of people use this portal to listen to their favorite songs in the background, ie, while doing another activity on their computers.

However, YouTube users using Android on their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, can not listen to any song in the background, and the music will stop just minimize the application.

For now, YouTube has no official option to correct this error on Android devices. To solve this problem we could use a free application that can be found in Google Play.

AudioPocket is the name of this free application, you can find here, that will allow YouTube to listen to music in the background on your Android smartphone or tablet. Here we show you what you should do.

Once you have installed this app on your Android device, you should go to the YouTube app and choose the song you want to hear in the background, that is, while you do other things.

Once the song starts playing on YouTube on your Android device, you must press the icon “Share”. You will see several options, you must choose “AudioPocket

That is all, now YouTube song will open in AudioPocket and you can minimize it so you can chat or play while listening to your favorite music. We recommend you check the gallery for details.

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