The top 10 private trackers for torrents

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If you are looking for the best private trackers, here’s a list that lets you find what will work best for you.
Although torrent downloads seem to suffer from lag and missing files and slowdowns, we can not say the same of private trackers, whose loyal users still share files as usual.

Anyone can download a torrent, but you really do not realize the potential of this protocol until you use a private tracker; it is as if a whole new world opened before you, a community full of people with similar tastes to yours and are willing to share what they have archived.

Of course, it is not always easy to get into a private tracker. In this post you will find the perfect community for your needs. There are many private trackers and it would be impossible to gather them all in one article, so this time we will focus on the most popular while covering specific niches.

Note that we will not link to certain “sites” for various reasons; to begin with, because many owners do not want to be linked as trackers, but also because the site might get in trouble. Suffice to say that, if you know the name of a community, is not very difficult to find using the Internet.


tracker privado 11

One of the most popular private trackers out there, with a huge number of different categories, although it is not ideal if you want to find something concrete.


tracker privado 21

A general tracker born in the Reddit community. It is a tracker born of mutual trust, so there is no minimum ratio, but we have to participate in the community via Reddit (or we can also play a clone of bacon themed Space Invaders free if we do not have an account).


tracker privado 31

One of the most prestigious private trackers, but at the same time one of the most elite. Many functions are available only if you “donate”.


tracker privado 4

One of the most popular because it is not necessary to maintain a ratio and due to the good number of different categories provide by this private tracker host.


tracker privado 5

One of the most popular exclusive trackers for sharing books; is a modern version of book clubs, and so its ideal for finding rare editions or books, preferably in English.

32Pages (ComicBT)

tracker privado 6

Although this community had to change his name after being forced to close the original site, it is still one of the best communities to find and share comics.


A reference site to find music discs of any kind and quality, although it may be difficult to get into this community.


tracker privado 4 1

One of the most popular websites for HD movies.


tracker privado 6 1

On this website you can find full anime series and manga’s that you will not find anywhere else.


tracker privado 13

This is a community is filled with fans of car racing. Practically the only place you’ll find ancient races in acceptable quality.

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