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In order to make database logging in php we should first create a table with 2 fields: the message that we log and the date that the log was made. After creating the database we should create a php class that will have to pass the instance of the MySQL database to the log class contructor. After that as previous example of php log file we should call a function that inserts a new row in a table database. Here is the class for php database logging:

class DBLog {
private $_db;

public function __construct($db) {
$this->_db = $db;

public function WriteLogToDB($message) {
$date = date("Y-m-d h:m:s");
mysql_query ("INSERT INTO DBLog VALUES('".$message."', '$date')", $this->_db);

In order to call the function of database logging we should first make a connection to the database and then call the function to save row log to database:

$connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "username", "password")
or die("Unable to connect to MySQL server");
mysql_select_db('DatabaseName', $connection) or die ("Database not found.");
$filel = new DBLog($connection);
$filel->WriteLogToDB('Here is my first log.');

We only need the mysql script that creates the table in our database:

`Message` text NOT NULL,
`DateCreated` datetime NOT NULL

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