Microsoft will not release an Xbox One ‘slim’ just yet, waiting for Polaris

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Rumors have been swirling for a while now that Microsoft was preparing to introduce an Xbox One slim, however Microsoft pushed back. Now we are hearing that Microsoft is looking forward to a slim version of its popular console but just not yet, well mainly because they’re waiting for AMD to get its act together and release its new Polaris graphics architecture.

It would make sense for Microsoft to use the 14 nm chip because of its potential for low power consumption that will make the Xbox One Slim run with less heat and rely on a much smaller cooling system.

Also wccftech is reporting that AMD’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lisa Su released this comment during the latest Earnings Call for Q3 2015:

Demand from Sony and Microsoft indicates that the record setting sales pace of this generation of game consoles will remain strong. We also remain on track to begin revenue shipments of our additional semi-custom design wins starting in the second half of 2016.

It seems like shipments of this Polaris based Xbox One revision could begin as early as Q3 2016, then. Polaris, much like NVIDIA’s Pascal, is expected to deliver 2.5X performance/watt ratio when compared to the previous GPU architecture.

This of course leads to another possibility, and that is when AMD launches Polaris this architecture also showcase their new APUs powered by Zen cores. This means that we would be talking about and Xbox One that would use DDR4 RAM, thereby improving performance and reducing consumption (all are advantages, of course), this would lead to a significant reduction in consumption and heat generated ( allowing finally create the slim models ) increasing performance. In fact it would be an ideal opportunity to finally see “next -gen” consoles running games at 60 fps in full HD.

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