How to check who can see photos in which you’re tagged in Facebook

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You can easily control the privacy of the photos that you upload to Facebook, but what about the photos published by others in which you are tagged?

If the person who uploaded your photo has as set adjustment of privacy  to Public or Friends of Friends it is possible that people who are not even your friend on Facebook to see your photo and your label.

To find out which of the photos that you’re tagged are visible to people who are not your friends please click the triangular icon top right, then select Activity Log> Photos> Pictures that you appear.

Top center you can then filter the results according to who they were shared.

If a friend shared with the “Public” or “Friends of Friends” a picture of you that you do not want to be accessible you have to ask your friend to change the setting for that picture to be allowed  for just friends, only a specific group of people or the delete it directly.

Alternatively, you can manually remove your own label.

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